Friday Feature – VÉRITÉ

When asked what genre her music is, Kelsey Byrne basically shrugs: “people called it pop… [so] I guess it’s pop.” It’s hard to tease out just how much of her songwriting – which she releases under the name VÉRITÉ – holds to this laissez faire philosophy.

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Friday Feature: Reservations

Photo credit: Phillip Woodbury

Jana Horn’s projects do not appear to be chained to perfectionism. That’s not meant to be a backhanded compliment; it’s a characteristic the Austin, Texas-based musician wears on her sleeve, wryly noting in her Five Songs description that the EP was “recorded in my closet.” It’s a style built on intimate humanness, a sense of ownership that whatever leaps out of the speakers is the unadulterated product of transition from heartstrings to guitar and microphone.

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Friday Feature: Lonesome House

photo by Bailey Foster

Sometimes, music carries an ability to elevate. Not necessarily in the sense of improving your mood. Rather, you get this feeling of floating above and  looking down to see people and knowing all everything and everyone else are just minuscule specks going about their own lives with no idea that you’re alone up there, watching.

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Friday Feature: Sampa the Great

Photo credit: Yours and Owls

It’s understandable, if regrettable, that Sampa the Great only had room for one adjective in her moniker. One could assign others: Sampa the Eclectic, the Unapologetic, the Imaginative. Her selection certainly makes sense, though. If there is one thing she has striven for since childhood, it is to be a great artist.

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Friday Feature: Hayley Kiyoko

Image credit: Trevor Flores

Former Disney star Hayley Kiyoko’s Citrine EP is a refreshing look at love and self-acceptance away from the male gaze and into something that is purely her own. In an interview with Teen Vogue, the singer commented that the days leading up to her latest release felt like being ready for the prom several hours too early. “I want [listeners] to feel empowered,” Kiyoko said. “I want them to lose their self-doubt and kind of walk with a little swagger in their step.”

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Friday Feature: Banks


California-based artist Banks is at it again with her hypnotically dark sophomore album, The Altar, a release which has been described as neo-R&B and “a trap, hip-hop, electronic cocktail.” Her first record, Goddess, was a somber and beautiful mixture of both mystery and emotional nakedness, and The Altar is styled similarly.

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