Julie Elody

Julie Elody is a soul/pop singer who recently switched from being the frontwoman of a band to her own solo career. In response to her new single, “Sirens,” we got a chance to ask her some questions about her music career and thoughts on the scene. You can hear “Sirens” below, as well as check out our interview.

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The City and Horses

We’d like to thank Marc Cantone, singer and guitarist of indie band The City and Horses, for taking his time to talk about the band’s upcoming album,  the stigma surrounding mental illness, how venues can be more inclusive, and how songwriting has made a positive impact on his life. Take a read of the interview below.

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On a Safer Scene With Eva Hendrick

Charly Bliss have the perfect balance of sugary pop and rattling distorted guitars. They are a 90’s retrospective topped off with lead singer Eva Hendrick’s snarky vocals. It’s no wonder they have opened for Sleater Kinney and Tokyo Police Club. Honest on and off stage, Eva spoke candidly with us about sexism she’s faced on the road.

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On a Safer Scene with Lane Moore

New York City singer, comedian and performer, Lane Moore has had a busy year. Her band, It Was Romance, released an awesome queer friendly music video for her song, “Hooking Up with Girls” that has since been featured in the Huffington Post and Billboard magazine. Her comedy show “Tinder Live” has been increasing in popularity in New York City. Moore has created a new model for aspiring musicians. As commentators and entertainers who connect with their audience at a person to person level.

Photo Credit: Ariana Anhalt

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On a Safer Scene with LTrain

Crystalla Gonzalez is one of the most impactful people I met in my New York City tenure. I saw her band LTrain in Brooklyn on a whim and was inspired by the band’s energy. In addition to having a fantastic live show, Crystalla has one of those voices that is tough, soft and soulful.

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On a Safer Scene with Hop Along

If you are reading this, you have probably already heard of Philadelphia’s Hop Along. Their prolific blend of alternative, folk and grunge can be found at the top of any Pitchfork list. Piloted by the mighty voice of Frances Quinlan, their sound is unforgettable. Frances was kind enough to answer my questions and was incredibly honest.

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Freya Wilcox

Freya Wilcox is impossible to forget. Her live performance hearkens to a late seventies rock n roll. Her voice sounds like a dirty bullet propelling through a wind tunnel. Freya Wilcox & the Howl have been making a racket in the NYC scene since she moved from Australia about five years ago, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to chat with her for Safer Scene.

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