Julie Elody

Julie Elody is a soul/pop singer who recently switched from being the frontwoman of a band to her own solo career. In response to her new single, “Sirens,” we got a chance to ask her some questions about her music career and thoughts on the scene. You can hear “Sirens” below, as well as check out our interview.

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The City and Horses

We’d like to thank Marc Cantone, singer and guitarist of indie band The City and Horses, for taking his time to talk about the band’s upcoming album,  the stigma surrounding mental illness, how venues can be more inclusive, and how songwriting has made a positive impact on his life. Take a read of the interview below.

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An Interview With Punk Talks

Sheridan Allen of PunkTalks talked with us about how she started PunkTalks, how she deals with negativity, bands who have been outspoken about mental health, and how fans, bands and venues can help create a safer scene. Thanks so much to Sheridan for taking the time to talk to us!

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Koji on a Safer Scene

Our latest entry of On a Safer Scene is with Koji. Koji’s latest release Crooked in my Mind can be purchased here. We want to thank Koji for taking the time to contribute to this series and to promoting a safer and more inclusive music scene.

“It’s important to have the courage to speak your truth and the humility to listen with an open mind and heart.”

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It’s Time For Alternative Music To Be A Shelter Again

by Daniel Jason Wonacott

When I was fourteen, I attended my first show at the SOMA in San Diego. I went with my best friend Jeff, who had introduced me to punk rock. The show was Face To Face and Less Than Jake. I did not know what to expect. I was pretty excited and frightened to go to my first punk rock show and finally see the bands I had been listening to at home.

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