Friday Feature – VÉRITÉ

When asked what genre her music is, Kelsey Byrne basically shrugs: “people called it pop… [so] I guess it’s pop.” It’s hard to tease out just how much of her songwriting – which she releases under the name VÉRITÉ – holds to this laissez faire philosophy.

She likens her writing process to a stream of consciousness, sprung from “melody and a lyrical idea,” but in listening to the music, one gets the impression that it must be so carefully constructed due to how fundamentally sound it is.

With lyrics simultaneously insightful and vulnerable, a chorus that feels monumental and inescapably catchy, and crisp and intelligent production, you’d think “Phase Me Out” would be the product of a major label: written by shadowy corporate musicians, packaged for radio and viral marketing, and handed to an artist to stamp their name on.

But VÉRITÉ is defiantly independent, choosing to write and self-release her music despite making more than enough of a racket on streaming sites to turn the attention of major labels towards her. Not only does it seem like she prefers to keep it that way, letting her music flow naturally from a ghost of a starting point, but also it sound like it’s in very capable hands.

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