Friday Feature – The Adjective Plural Noun

When it comes to the typical band résumé, “video game soundtrack” is a fairly uncommon highlight to find.

Presumably, “bluesy chiptune soundtrack for a video game about sentient boars who comprise a mining company in an post-apocalyptic wasteland underground” narrows the applicant pool even further. That unique achievement, however, can be assigned to the guys in The Adjective Plural Noun.

A trio of friends from high school, TAPN keep it simple: you’ve got a couple of guitars, a bass guitar, and a computer. The string instruments are indispensable for the blues and country rock sound that undergirds their music, and the computer is where they modernize it a bit, with drum loops and atmospheric synth keys. Infused into the game, Full Bore – a modern-retro hybrid metroidvania-block puzzler – it sets the perfect rugged, blue collar tone for its suid miners.

That’s how “The First Dig into Hard Earth” functions – it chugs along via a bass line and twangy electric guitar, with chiptune drums and synthesized chirps spicing up each loop. It’s an effective merging of the rambling, low-tempo blues rock sound with the digital trademark of computer games.

It was one of the first tracks the crew wrote for the game, before expanding to a full tracklist for the game which clocks in at over an hour of diverse music for all your mining experiences.

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