Friday Feature: Yohuna

Photo by Brian Vu

I had the pleasure of seeing Yohuna play with Foxing this past week. The group’s lineup is somewhat fluid; this evening, it featured the eponymous Johanne Swanson, Addie Strei of Adelyn Rose, and Warren Hildebrand of Foxes in Fiction.

The trio played a somber (but friendly) set – Swanson includes “dirge” as one of the project’s genres on its Bandcamp, and for much of the night, the tempo stayed low and the atmosphere peaceful.

A point of reference for Yohuna’s sound can be somewhat elusive, but after mulling on it for a bit, I put my finger on what it reminded me of: the wandering ambience and Swanson’s wistful falsetto feels right at home in David Lynch’s wonderfully weird and layered town, Twin Peaks.

“Lake” opens with pensive synth tones, ambient guitar, and falsetto harmonies that evoke the same haunted, hidden unrest which lingered in Lynch’s secluded wooded town – a complicated nature concealed behind a spare structure, rewarding an observer with complex emotions upon a closer evaluation.

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