Friday Feature: Reservations

Photo credit: Phillip Woodbury

Jana Horn’s projects do not appear to be chained to perfectionism. That’s not meant to be a backhanded compliment; it’s a characteristic the Austin, Texas-based musician wears on her sleeve, wryly noting in her Five Songs description that the EP was “recorded in my closet.” It’s a style built on intimate humanness, a sense of ownership that whatever leaps out of the speakers is the unadulterated product of transition from heartstrings to guitar and microphone.

Collaborating with Paul Price and Jason Baczynski, a trio by the name of Reservations is formed. Centered around that ethos of naturalism, comparisons to Julien Baker are understandable but limiting – she shares their pensive, sparse style, but Reservations adds a sprinkling of Americana and picks up the pace a little.

You hear that best in their song Hewlitt Park, an atmospheric and nostalgic track featuring their trifecta of Horn’s soothing voice, spare drums, and reverberating guitar lines, filling the room with a yearning reminiscence. Here’s hoping she brings that warmth to her new album, whenever it makes it out of her closet.

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