Friday Feature: Lonesome House

photo by Bailey Foster

Sometimes, music carries an ability to elevate. Not necessarily in the sense of improving your mood. Rather, you get this feeling of floating above and  looking down to see people and knowing all everything and everyone else are just minuscule specks going about their own lives with no idea that you’re alone up there, watching.

Maybe that’s just a sensation I experience, or perhaps it’s something that can be explained with music theory. It could also just be the power of name suggestion in Lonesome House’s “Red Balloon”, with my brain seeing the word “balloon” and latching onto that idea of solitary flight.

Still, with soaring harmonies, ambient guitar, and a steady build, the song feels like it has wings. Despite featuring six members – on the larger size for your typical band roster – Lonesome House’s music doesn’t feel pressed for space or busy.

Indeed, it’s instead peaceful in an ambient sort of way. Not melancholy, but a little somber, with a sense of wandering off into the unknown, high in the sky.

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